Vitamin Deficiency Effects in our body

Vitamin Deficiency Effects in our body

The Symptoms appear if there is deficiency of Vitamin :

  1. Weakness , fatigure , irritation , restlessness
  2. Loss of appetite
  3. Diseases of bones and teeth
  4. Insomnia and resistance against diseases is lowered.

Some Vitamin can be synthesised in our body. But some Vit. Can only be acquired through diet. There were some specific type of microbes in our intestines which form these vit. i.e. , Vits. B complex and Vit. K. Besides this the niacin required by the body is itself produced in the intestines. But if some anti-biotic medicines are taken orally for a long time , these microbes perish. So the required synthesis in the intestines does not take place and the symptoms of their deficiency appear. Sometimes vit. Are found in sufficient quantity in the food but these vits. Cannot be absorbed due to some intestinal disorders and their deficiency occurs if there is deficiency of these vits. In the diet of children , pregnant women and lactating mothers , it has very harmful effects.

Vitamin A

  1. Night Blindness
  2. Xerophthanlmia
  3. Keratomalacia
  4. Follicular Keratosis
  5. Respiratory tract and alimentary canal
  6. Skin problems

Vitamin D

  1. Rickets
  2. Osteoporosis
  3. Osteomalacia
  4. Tetany

Vitamin E

It is preserves red blood cells. Only Vit. E can maintain healthy red cells. Vit. E is a natural antioxidant in the body , it protects the cells by preventing the formation of hydrogen peroxide. In the absence of Vit. E some of the essential fatty acids are permitted to combine with oxygen and form hydrogen peroxide which destroys the red cells.

Vitamin K

Prolonged use of antibiotics and deficient production by bacteria in the intestine leads to Vitamin K deficiency. Malabsorption of fats is also one of factor affecting the absorption of Vit. K. it leads to generalised bleeding with an increased tendency to hemorrhage. In new born infants particulary premature infants where intestinal flora have not yet established themselves.

Vitamin C

  1. Defective Collagen formation
  2. Delay in wound healing
  3. Scurvy

Vitamin B1

  1. Beri-Beri
  2. Wet Beri-Beri
  3. Dry Beri-Beri


  1. Pellagra
  2. Dermatitis
  3. Diarrhoea
  4. Dementia

Vitamin B12

Pernicious anaemia

The first signs of anaemia are usually a sore tongue and tingling or burning sensations in the hands or feet. Patients tend to be pale and white lipped. They develop a variety of abdominal difficulties , gas , constipation  , nausea , vomiting , pain and poor appetite. B12 deficiency damages both blood and nerves. Bone marrow produces abnormally large red blood cells, called megalocytes .





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