What is Yoga ?

It is the physical and mental exercise which relax our both body and mind. It  is an exercise which recover the social and mentally illness and also heal stress. It also plays vital role in human life and help in the recovering number of health related problems .

The way to co-ordinate body and mind which paves the way to God is known as Yoga.

The word  “Yoga” has been derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj” which means “to join or to unite”. Thus it is that way or process by means of which man’s soul joins with the greater soul.

The word “Yoga has been prevalent for a long time. It  was in wide use in the epi ages of the Ramayana and the Mahabharata.

Aim Of  Yoga

The main aim is to win over the mind by maintaining the body healthy , flexible, energetic and active. Two forms of Yoga is :-

  1. Asanas
  2. Pranayams

Importance of Yoga

Yogic science is very important in human life. It is not only the ancient knowledge of India but of the whole world. It keeps one away from all ailments and in case one falls ill, Yoga helps him to cure through various exercises.

Not only does it make one healthy strong and energetic, it also makes one’s personality attractive. In fact it takes one to a world of supreme bliss life , health , comfort and peace. It is the river of that knowledge  the single drop of which is sufficient to cure an ailment.

It is a great means of uniting one with God. It makes one healthy and strong as also efficient and skillful. Healthy persons can make best use of Yoga. It is useful for persons of all ages. Exercises all the body organs start working properly.

It make muscles strong and help increase mental balance. It is as essential in today world as it was in earlier ages. It is propagated there more for the attainment of peace of mind and there is no dearth of scholars in the field.

It is a wrong notion that modern people are incapable of doing Yoga. Even in the present age , man can take full advantage of Yoga. It is contributes in the complete development of man.

  1. Development of Physical , mental and Latent Powers of Man.
  2. Internal Cleanliness of the Body.
  3. Development of Strength and Elasticity.
  4. Emotional Development.
  5. Prevention of Diseases and Immunisation
  6. Spirit of Sacrifice and Discipline
  7. Corrective Value and Relaxation.

Elements of Yoga

It is a Wide term. It is very old concept. It has many types and seven of the most essential types .

  1. Raj
  2. Ashtang
  3. Bhakti
  4. Karma
  5. Gyan
  6. Sam
  7. Kundali

Yoga’s Asanas

There many type of the asanas which have their own benefits own our body and mind. The Asanas are Surya Namaskar, Tadasana, Vriksasana, Utkatasana, Navasana, Bhujangasana.

Benefits of Yoga’s Asanas

Surya namaskar –

These  asanas helps in losing weight, glowing our skin, helps in better digestive system, helps in the brings down blood sugar level etc. You can this asanan twelve (12) times in a day.


These  asanan is also known as the mountain pose and its benefits are the best in to increasing height, helps into improve the body posture and balance, it gives strength to your ankles, knees, thighs, arms and legs, helps into improve in the function of the digestive and repertory system etc. You can do this pose for 30 seconds or one minute.


These  asanas is also known as tree pose and helps in give strength ligaments and tendon of the feet, helps to improves the balance and stability in the legs, it helps in the strength to the bones of legs to hips etc. The person who having high blood pressure can avoid this asana.


These  asanas is also known as the chair pose it helps in to strength to the thighs and ankles, this asana stretches the shoulder and open the chest and tone the digestive organs and heart etc. The persons having the knee problem and the women having pregnancy do not do this asana.


This yoga’s asana is also known as the boat pose and its benefits are gives the strength to the hips flexors, spine abdomen, helps in relieving stress, it stimulates the abdominal organs including our kidneys and intestine which improve our digestive system, helps to build strength and steadiness at our body core.


These yoga’s asana helps to control constipation, stomach disorder, acidity and digestive problems, it helps to make lower body flexible, cures joint pains, unitary problem etc and help to losing weight with regular practice.


These yoga’s asana is also known as cobra pose. It gives strength to the arms and shoulder, helps to increase flexibility of the body, helps to invigorates the heart, decreases the stiffness to lower back.


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