In winter, days are shorter, nights are longer and cold temperatures over the day. So, how to brave chilly weather? We can not help but remind you that the hot bath as a source of physical and mental health is best suited to combat the cold winter, especially for runners. So, can hot baths make you faster?

The bathroom connects us with our inner energy and water. Water has many healing properties and is associated with the purification and the feeling of well being.

In all cultures, and especially in the mind, the bathroom has been used as a therapeutic measure. Taking a dip in the hot springs of Hamman causes the body temperature to rise, killing germs and viruses.

But not only this, the advantages and benefits of a carefully prepared hot bath are very numerous, for both body and mind. In this article, we will answer the question of “can hot baths make you faster?”

There are some other things that you should keep in mind. Taking a hot bath can improve your running speed and fitness, but you should also consider consuming healthy foods in your diet. Collagen peptides and bone broth can make your bones strong and can be vital for your overall health.


In this age of colds and flus, water vapor acts as a natural decongestant, which relieves discomfort in the nose and helps clear mucus. Even if you have symptoms of fever, a hot shower can be of great help.

Hot water causes the capillaries to dilate and thus the exchange between the blood and stimulate the cells. When blood flows pores dilate, thus they expel the sweat glands and sweat more toxins are removed.

This increases blood flow, cleaning and drainage accelerates skin, cleansing tissues. It also helps fight cellulite, as this is the result of the accumulation of toxins, using a sponge or glove kessa also increases blood circulation and improves lymphatic system. Also, the hot water also helps improve some skin diseases such as dermatitis or psoriasis.

A dip in a hot bath is the best way to relieve muscle problems as it helps relax muscles, soothe aches, pains and promote general welfare. And all that answers the question of “can hot baths make you faster?”


“Can hot baths make you faster?” To leave the state of anxiety and stress, taking a bath is so relaxing. The bathroom is a powerful ally in the fight against sleeping problems, and you can disconnect and enter a state of relaxation that you get the best rest. For fatigue, the bathroom helps improve physical energy and mental alertness, getting an additional energizing effect.

As you can see, there are many benefits of taking a hot bath. We can use the healing properties of water in addition to relax, as always recommend Hammam Al Andalus. A warm bath can be a treasure trove for the body and mind. Do not you want to check?

Heat correctly is fundamental. Its function is to raise the temperature and increase blood circulation to the muscles and tendons, to go out and perform well in the competition. It is done as follows: three to five stretching exercises without forcing. About ten minutes of very gentle trot, almost walking.

Five or six exercises for the ankle. Four progressions of about 50 meters, until just before departure. Once in the race, it all depends on you. Ensure to drink plenty of water mixed with hydrolyzed collagen. By the way, it is advisable to choose good running shoes for plantar fasciitis while running.


  1. Cooling with ice

Does your Achilles tendon get hurt? The best thing you can do is ice-cooling. In running, it is certainly not “the longer, the better.” On the contrary, 15 minutes at the same place is the maximum, but that or several times a day. Place the ice directly on the skin, mar does it in a washcloth or towel.

  1. Exploring

On summer holiday or a weekend away: when you are in new, uncharted territory, it is very enjoyable. Have you ever gone sightseeing on foot rather than by bus? Have you ever morning (before your partner woke up) walked around New York, London or Paris and had him / her informed when you decided that day again had to look at the two of you?

  1. Relax

Treat yourself every now and then a warm, relaxing bath. Especially in the winter, and after a long endurance. This shortens the recovery phase and significantly reduces muscle soreness.

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