How to quit addiction with the help of a Counselor


When a person gets dependent on certain drugs and not consuming that drug makes him/her restless, angry, and irritated this is called addiction.

Inability to stop engaging in activities like gambling, eating, and working are also called addiction but that falls into the behavioral addiction category.

Since not consuming a particular drug is making a person restless or angry, It is termed as a prolonged disorder with social, psychological, biological, and environmental factors influencing its development and continuance.

When a person suffers from addiction he or she continues the use of addictive substances despite knowing its harmful effects.

He or she tries not to take that drug but it doesn’t allow this. You find a lot of difficulties when you try to stop taking a drug, which you are addicted to.

Many times it happens that you manage not t take drugs for 2 days or 3 days but then when you start getting a high level of restlessness just to calm yourself down, you will end up taking drugs.

Another case common in addiction is stress. Suppose you made your decision of not taking a particular drug and you managed well for a week or two.

But if any stress comes you will become restless and will end up taking drugs. So this is how the situation goes like and many of you find it difficult to quit the addiction.

It is better  suggests that below are some of the main causes of addiction:


During adolescence, a person easily gets influenced by peers. In order to create an impression and to be part of a social group gets involved in it. For example, if a child does not do what all friends are doing in a group, he or she is considered looser.

So just to prove himself or herself many times children get trapped in it.


In a family where parents are too busy to keep a watch on kids’ activity or to talk to them. In such cases also there is a high chance child gets involved in activities leading to addiction.


Poverty is the reason for many bad activities and one such activity is addiction. When a person is unable to fulfill basic needs and requirements he or she searches for an alternative way to distract their feeling of frustration or anger landing into addiction.


In the case of trauma or tragedy happened in a person’s life it proves to be temporary relief from pain and suffering.


Stress is also a big reason for addiction. Stress can be of anything like office, relationship, life, future, children etc. When a person is so much stressed and find no one to whom he or she can express their heart out the land into the habit of drinking or taking drugs.

And after taking any drug you feel relieved from stress. This practice continues and becomes a habit, landing a person to addiction unknowingly.

Symptoms of addiction:

  • Inability To Manage Everyday Life Without Addictive Substance.
  • Mood Swings, Irritability, Change In Performance and Lying.
  • Change In Eating Habits, Sleeping Habits, and Invariably Weight Gain Or Weight Loss.
  • Feeling Sick, Anxiety, and Depressed When Trying To Quit.
  • Stealing Things Or Engaging In Unpleasant Activity To Continue With Addictive Behavior.

DSM is used as a detailed guideline by professionals to diagnose addiction. When symptoms are diagnosed to last for more than three weeks it’s an alarming sign. The extent of addiction is then determined and treatment is planned accordingly.

It’s treatment involves medication, therapy, and family support but the main progress in treatment is based upon therapy and individual’s family support.

The duration of treatment may vary depending upon psychological and physical problems. A psychologist first analyzes why a person got addicted, his or her behavior, and thought process. After that, a therapist starts with the sessions to help a person quit the addiction.

According to Dr. , therapy guides individuals to find reasons and benefits of quitting addiction and take the first step towards freedom.

This re-programming of an individual is called Motivational Empowerment Therapy likewise more such therapies and counseling techniques are used to free individuals from addictive behavior.

For example, a person becomes an addict because of break-up so therapy makes him feel loved by spending time with nature.

Final Thought

You can quit it easily with the help of a counselor or psychologist. If any time in life you find yourself or any of your friends in a state of addiction, never hesitate in meeting a psychologist.

A psychologist is your friend who can always help you in understanding your thoughts, problems, and fears.

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