Zinc Prevents Major Damage From Diabetes Poland Moves One Step Closer to Passing Abortion Law

Bhairavi Goswami, the Bollywood actress, well known by her recent flick ‘Bheja fry’, has tweeted about Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s effort to have a baby boy. Apparently, the actress visited IVF clinic in Bangkok which specializes in helping couples have a male child.

Bhairavi’s Goswami’s tweet and comment on facebook read, “Nauseating 2 read superstars giving interviews about wanting a girl baby when she has gone 2 Bangkok to an IVF clinic which specializes in boy babies. Height of hypocrisy. They know damn well its a boy, after all she has to produce a male heir at any cost – Typical UP mentality, no wonder that state has such high female foeticide.”

The Bachchans have not responded to this comment yet.


Article source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/allhealthnews/~3/Qlh0Hq6OnFI/Oh-Boy-Whats-Bangkok-IVF-Got-to-Do-With-Bachchans-87175-1.htm

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