This is Valuable Read for Insomniacs

Ivy’s family found that she had lost weight abnormally.  They installed a hidden camera to monitor the caregiver. Later, they were shocked to watch a recording of Young consume the food which was supposed to be eaten by their mother.

They found that Patricia Young was eating all the meals meant for Ivy McCluskey, who was put to bed hungry on most occasions.  

Mrs McCluskey’s daughter Mandy said: “We cannot comprehend how any human being can do it to another human being. It was one of the illnesses she feared and for her to be treated at the hands of someone like that at the end of all those fears that she had is just really, really scary. We felt complete and utter horror and shock, words cannot describe it, at what was revealed.”

Patricia Young was dismissed from her job. As for Ivy, she lived only for 3 months after Patricia stopped caring for her.


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