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Garcinia Cambogia Ingredients

One the latest weight loss wonders that has taken the world by storm is Garcinia Cambogia which has brought about astounding results in clinical trials and patient reviews. Given the buzz surrounding this new weight loss product, a large number of companies are now touting their various compositions as Garcinia Cambogia supplements. Hence, it is now more important than ever to take a critical look at the list of Garcinia Cambogia ingredients on the list of weight loss supplements.

Only through the list of ingredients is one able to discern whether the supplement is effective or not. The quality of ingredients used in the supplement as well as its concentration reveals how much an individual can rely on the specific supplement for his ultimate goals.

Garcinia Cambogia is a tropical plant found in Southeast Asia and certain parts of Africa and is traditionally used by the locals as a food flavouring to impart sourness and tartness to curries and gravies. The outermost rind of this particular plant is of special importance in the world of weight loss supplements. It contains a critical ingredient known as Hydroxycitric Acid (HCA) which is of great relevance to aiding weight loss and cutting down fat.

Although local communities, who have been using this plant for centuries, are unaware of the weight loss properties, it is considered to be a prized ingredient among them, in healing numerous ailments such as ulcers, pain related to arthritis and in promoting digestion. In the weight loss fraternity, health experts have derived an extract out of the fruit that is considered to be vital to speeding up weight loss, which can now be procured through Garcinia Cambogia supplements.

There are a large number of fake supplements out there that are priced exorbitantly and contain very less quantities of Garcinia Cambogia extracts. It is important to have a close look at the ingredients listed on the weight loss supplements containing Garcinia Cambogia and ensure that the supplement is not filled with binders or fillers.

Look out for ingredients such as Hydroxycitric Acid that should be a given in the Garcinia Cambogia supplement, as well as Chromium, Calcium and Potassium. Ensure that the concentration of Hydroxycitric Acid is at least 50% in the supplement, as anything less than that would be ineffective for weight loss purposes. The concentration of calcium should be approximately 6% while potassium must be around 3%. Specific ingredients that should not be mentioned on the Garcinia Cambogia ingredients list are salt, soy, sugar, milk, gluten, wheat, yeast and similar such binders or preservatives.

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